Note: This location has been removed from the game.

Watery Grave
Basic Info
Type Urban Area
Region Sea of Shadows
Level Requirement 30+

Level 30+ players can enter the Watery Grave through Jarlshofn. Enter the Parallel World portal and port to an atrium specific to your destined location. In the atrium meet up with other players interested in the same Parallel location and access various merchants to prepare for your battle. 


  • Alchemist: Maureen
  • Blacksmith: Berchel Damn Disaster Dilence Infestation
  • Chandler: Abigail 
  • Essence Merchant: Albertus
  • Jeweler: Yakira
  • Kobold: Levander
  • Parallel World Portal
  • Priest of the Order: Father Rufus
  • Workbench

Other NPCsEdit

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