Werian Sanctuary
Basic Info
Type Urban Area
Region Slifmoor

Werian Sanctuary can be accessed from Slifmoor and leads to Rootrock Cavern.

NPCs Edit

Name Type
Alexis Alexis Essence Merchant
Alfred Alfred Quest Keeper
Dunstan Dunstan Jeweler
Father Caelius Father Caelius Priest of the Order
Liturgy of hope Consecrated votive herbs (3 min)
Fighter Anselm Fighter Anselm Quest Keeper
Garrick Garrick Blacksmith
Janey Gwent Janey Gwent Master of Battle
Larisa Craft Larisa Graft Artifact merchant
Levander Levander Kobold, Protector of Treasure
Lord Vane Lord Vane Quest Keeper
Osborn Osborn Merchant
Hero's breakfast Finest honey from the eternal grove St. weian's stew
(10 min)
Perlie Perlie Charmer
Sir Leonard Sir Leonard Quest Keeper
Sister Liadan Sister Liadan Quest Keeper
Thabo (portrait) Thabo Realm Mage

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