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December 19, 2013 - December 29, 2013

Winter Solstice 2013 forum guide

Event Breakdown:

  • Defeat monsters no more than 4 levels below your own to collect Sugar beet Sugar Beets
  • Snowmen (located in wilderness locations) will trade 1 Sugar Beet for a stack of Snow ess Snow Essences.
  • Use 25x Sugar Beets to enter the Winter Summit event map. Enter through a portal in any urban city.
  • Collect Honey Cookies to complete the event.
  • Collect and open presents along the way for bonus prizes
  • Defeat the boss Snow Paws using Snow Essences.

Daily login prize: Solstice stocking Solstice Stocking = 100x Snow ess Snow Essences + 40x Sugar beet Sugar Beets


Collect Queen Antonia's honey cookies. Honey cookies provide a 0,5% faster attack speed for 5 minutes; can be stacked up to 5x.

Total =  Drak14  620


Items sold by Phestos in Kingshill:

Winter pack 1 Winter shop 2'


Snowmen have cropped up in wilderness areas looking for a nose. Click to trade one Sugar beet Sugar Beet for a stack of  Snow ess Snow Essences (2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x or 100x).

8 snowmen located in each wilderness location; resets 6 min 10 sec after being clicked.

Only the player who opens the snowman will receive a drop, even in a group.

Big PawsEdit



Hit Points (45 lvl):

1/5 - 317100 (317100 per person)

2/5 - 348810 (174405 per person)

3/5 - 380520 (126840 per person)

4/5 - 412230 (103058 per person)

5/5 - 443940 (88788 per person)

Possible Drop:

- 150x, 250x, 300x cookies

- Golden Present

- Red Beet (always)

- Violet Present


Hit Points (45 lvl):

1/5 - 543600 (543600 per person)

2/5 - 815400 (407700 per person)

3/5 - 869760 (289920 per person)

4/5 - 924120 (231030 per person)

5/5 - 978480 (195696 per peson)

Possible Drop:

- 250x, 400x, 500x cookies

- Golden present

- Uniques

- Soltice Scoundrel


Each miniboss (1-7) always drops Honey Cookies, normal mode: 10x, 20x, 50x(rare) or 100x(very rare) hard mode:10x, 20x, 50x(rare), or 100x (very rare)

To kill Big Paws you need to use Snow Essences.

1) Gnorbel the Cookie Monster
2) Hulking Cookie Gorger
3) Gwib the Cookie Thief
4) Klirr the Wintry
5) Shepp the Snow Sludge
6) Knarrts the Fir Tree
7) Mamf the Cookie Crusher
8) Big Paws

Winter Summit - HardEdit

After defeating Snow Paws on the normal map, a Red Sugar Beet will always drop. Use this beet as your entry ticket into the Difficult level. All monsters will have a higher difficulty than those on the normal map. Find hIgher cookie drops and a greater chance of better prizes.

Nightmare 'Frosty Wasteland'Edit

Upon near completion of the event, obtain a couple portals to the Nightmare arena. Face off against Snow Paws in Boss mode. He will be accompanied by either a mad Santa (dragonknight) or an evil Snowman (mage) along with attacking Stonehead towers. This arena has a very high level of difficultly and a well-geared character is recommended, so be prepared for a tough fight. Snow Essences not necessary.

Drops include costumes and items that can be obtained as a progress reward during the Winter event.


Queen Antonia:


Jullov & Family: complete to obtain pieces of the Solstice Reindeer


Unwrap presents for many different types of rewards! All normal mobs, champions and bosses have a chance to drop presents of all colors. Champions+ have a higher chance of dropping rarer presents. Receive the best reward from Gold presents: Green < Blue < Violet < Gold

Presents will stack up to 10x per inventory slot.

Possible rewards:

Event ItemsEdit

Type Name Location Notes
Helios package Chest Winter Solstice Surprise Pack A 40 Contains a few items to help you in progress
Winter solstice bag cloak r Winter festival bag dwarf cloak Winter Festival Bag Progress reward 3,0 % increased chance of finding items from normal monsters
Snowman costume Snowman Progress reward, Evil Snowman
Santa costume Solstice Scoundrel Festive amphore, Big paws, Mad Santa
Throw snowball emote Throw Snowball Progress reward
Build snowman emote Build Snowman Festive amphorae
Snow ess essence Snow Essence Snowman, Festive amphorae, purchase + 150% damage (Use against Snow Paw)
Winter gem gem Solstice Star Progress reward, Nightmare "Frosty Wasteland" + 5 resource points / 1,0 % more hitpoints
Reindeer mount Reindeer Progress reward, Nightmare "Frosty Wasteland"
Epic reindeer mount (epic) Epic Reindeer Made on workbench Reindeer1 + Reindeer1 + Reindeer2 + Reindeer
Elf pet Diligent Gnome Progress reward 5,0 % more hitpoints
Solstice stocking Stocking Solstice Stocking Login bonus 100x Snow Essence & 40x Sugar Beets

Holiday Gear:

Legendary Winter weapons/offhand items can also drop in the event: Item scales to character level (25-45)

Spellweaver Ranger Dragonknight Steam Mechanicus
Winter mage img Bow winter r Winter cloak dwarf
Gingerbread Board ICO
Screenshot 7
Gingerbread Board ICO
Gingerbread Board ICO
Wand winter2
Candy bow
Wand winter


The Piggies are back! Many thanks for these images. These piggies can be found in the normal and hard map. Each piggie will drop 10x cookies.

Difficult maps have 7 total piggies (the 5 from normal maps plus 2 additional ones).

Pig1-1 Pig1-2 Pig1-3 Pig1-4 Pig1-5

Bonus piggies in Difficult:

Pig1H-1 Pig1-H2

Pig3-1 Pig3-2 Pig3-3 Pig3-4 Pig3-5

Bonus piggies in difficult:

Winter map 3 red

Pig4-1 Pig4-2 Pig4-3 Pig4-4 Pig4-5

Bonus piggies in Difficult map:

Map 4 bonus 1

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