"The call of his horn blatantly droned on, but the face of my enemy stayed hidden behind his horned skull mask."

With the grace and poise of a mighty stag, the spiritual leaders of the Wild Hunt are surrounded by a powerful aura of eminence, and stalk about the forest until they find the best location to launch offensives.

More vulnerable and therefore more reserved than grimlings, the horned-criers are masters of the bow and fight from a distances. When the battle gets out of hand, these horned-criers quickly retreat and call in their faithful reinforcements - ravenous canines which appear in a fraction of a second to protect their beloved owners.

Just like their goddess, these hunters obey no rules and viciously go after their prey. Once the guardians responsible for leading the dead to the underworld, the horned-criers now hunt the people they once protected and follow the wishes of their oldest enemy. But the horned-criers have not forgotten who they really serve.


fire with bow (ranged) fire a single bow take a single damage

Sawn dogs (summon) use his horns to sawn 1 dog

Notable WisemenEdit

  • The Old Stag (level 12)

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