"As I ran for my life, I was tormented by the deranged cackling of witches"

There are many tales of witches conducting Andermagic experiments in secretive locations. Some are too fantastic to believe, which leaves many wondering whether witches are still human, or are they magical beings who trick us into believing they're human?

The dangers of fairies were once known to all. They stole children to raise them as their own and punished anyone who sought to control them by robbing their humanity and transforming them into fairies.

In recent times warriors have begun to encounter these wicked witches and their inhuman offspring. Those cane-carrying female abominations can get around quite quickly, and not only do they wield a queer sort of powerful magic, but they also conjure up mystical eggs out of which hideous creatures hatch. Together with their gremlin minions they carry out their diabolical plans.


Witches are found in the following locations:

Notable WitchesEdit

  • Wartnose
  • Ragana's Vengeful Spirit
  • Council Witches
  • Witch that stole Mary's dress
  • Thieving Witch

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