Members of the amphibian Zorlobb people look very much like giant lobsters that walk upright. Calling them intelligent would perhaps be too generous, but they are certainly well-organized. They are heavily armored and quite tough, and have powerful claws that they can easily use to shear off an unprotected arm. They apply these natural weapons in battle with devastating effects or simply to rip open gushing wounds.

The Zorlobb were once a free race living on the ocean floor, but now they are the servants of the Gorgons in the sunken Atlantis. Although they could leave Atlantis and be free, they prefer to live in the proud ruins as soldiers, spreading fear and oppression through brutal violence. The maltreatment they suffer at the hands of the Gorgons they dole out tenfold to all weaker creatures within their grasp.

"Impenetrable armor, giant claws and stalked eyes that appear to look in every direction ... in short - my worst nightmare!"


Zorlobbs are located in the following areas:

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